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Human Powered Out Of Home Marketing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a playground to the world and a top destination of visitors and vacationers worldwide. There is no better place to get your message to the masses than in Las Vegas, and you need a way to advertise outdoors that can break through all the glitter and neon. Las Vegas Rickshaw is the service you are looking for. With our pedicabs we can provide a unique form of transportation for visitors, as well as delivering marketing results. We make more than mere advertising impressions with our pedicabs, we build relationships between our marketing partners and riders in ways that a simple billboard or street ad cannot.

Las Vegas Rickshaw is dedicated to bringing the best in pedicab advertising and human powered out of home marketing to our clients. That means delivering results. We are driven by bringing your marketing vision to life, while also ensuring your business sees a return on its investment. Our drivers and brand ambassadors are the best around, and you will be proud to have us and them representing your brand on the streets of Las Vegas.

Thousands of people drive or walk up and down the Las Vegas strip and Downtown Las Vegas every day. Your pedicab advertising will stand out and catch their eyes.

We do not just want to collect mere advertising impressions for clients. We want to help them build a real and lasting connection with consumers. Our drivers act as ambassadors for your brand.

Our Las Vegas pedicab advertising platform is so much more than just a mobile billboard. We can turn your advertisement into a moving work of marketing art that will captivate all who encounter it.

Pedicab Advertising In Las Vegas

We can help you market to visitors of these events by featuring your advertisements on our pedicabs in Las Vegas. We act as a small army of mobile billboards that get your Vegas outdoor advertising in front of the eyes of all who ride and all who pass by. If you are looking to make your mark and leave a lasting impression on our riders, offering convention and conference goers free rides back to their hotels or to their nighttime dining and entertainment destinations will impress them with your generosity after a long day on their feet. Meanwhile, our drivers act as your brand ambassadors, and will build a rapport with the riders while providing them with any marketing materials you might want distributed and free samples if that fits your business model. From simple pedicab wraps to more elaborate designs and campaigns, we have you covered.

Las Vegas out of home marketing

Las Vegas Rickshaw offers Las Vegas outdoor advertising opportunities that are certain to get your brand noticed. In a city filled with neon, glitz, glamor, and excitement… you NEED to stand out above the rest in a unique way. Pedicab advertising sets itself apart from static ads by being a dynamic form of out of home advertising that is something out of the ordinary and incredibly interactive. It combines the best of all worlds, being a visual and experiential form of out of home marketing.

Our fleet of Las Vegas pedicabs are ready and waiting to be customized with your company’s outdoor advertising. We work hand in hand with our pedicab marketing partners (that means you!) to represent their brands in a unique way. We wrap our trikes in your marketing designs, or if you want something with more flair… we got you covered for that too. From basic designs to elaborate custom transformations, we find a way to bring your outdoor marketing imagination to life.

We also offer digital billboards in Las Vegas, and even digital backpack billboards where one of our drivers can walk your advertising right to the people in an event or area, and just like our pedicabs they can also be your brand ambassadors there to hand out materials and samples. Contact us with your idea and we can work together to create the perfect Las Vegas outdoor and event marketing plan to represent your brand!

Here are some stunning images from our recent campaign with Samsung during the 2023 Consumer electronics show.

Las Vegas Rickshaw provided our client Samsung with 15 fully wrapped and uniquely outfitted pedicabs, that were equipped by the client with Samsung Sound Towers mounted on the front of the pedicab. The sound towers bring a show of light and music to the ride, and entertains riders and passersby alike.

Our Las Vegas Rickshaw pedicab drivers were also provided with a vibrant and captivating digital backpack advertisement. This pedicab advertising campaign took place all over the Las Vegas tourist corridor, including Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street, the Las Vegas Convention Center, and all up and down the beautiful Las Vegas Strip.

Five Seater Pedicab

Our pedicabs are a great alternative for those looking for transportation during group events in Las Vegas. Who needs a party bus, a shuttle, or even a limo when you can enjoy an open air ride with your crew! We have 5 person pedicabs for those who want to group up more people at one time. We will get your group traveling around Las Vegas in style!

Sponsoring a big event or holding one to promote your brand? Looking for a sponsor for your event or party? We can help with all of that! Our pedicabs can be decorated for your event and advertise everything from your company to the Venmo for people to send money for your wedding party! We are your chauffeurs, marketers, party guides, and more! Whatever you need, Las Vegas Rickshaw is here to provide it.

Looking to book a ride or tour? Contacts us here or at our Pedicab Party booking site!

COMING EVENTS: Google Cloud Next 2024

Google Cloud Next is coming to Las Vegas! April 9-11 2024, Google’s innovative event will be held at the Mandalay Bay, offering three inspirational and informational days of learning and networking for developers, startups, consumers and more!

This event will draw more that 20,000 visitors to the area. Among those 20,000 will be thought leaders, developers, startups, security professionals and more. Pedicab Advertising at Google Cloud Next is an amazing opportunity to get your brand seen by the best and brightest in the tech world.

Las Vegas Rickshaw is the official transportation partner of NASCAR at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! From the spring events like the Pennzoil 400 and the LiUNA, to the South Point 400 in the fall, advertising at NASCAR events with Las Vegas Rickshaw will get your brand noticed by the throngs of NASCAR fans that will be descending on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this year.

NASCAR pedicab advertising at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will help your brand to build a deeper rapport with fans of this fast paced and exciting sport. Our free ride campaigns will help you get people to and from the events, and put a smile on their face as they enjoy a free ride courtesy of your brand.

Formula 1® racing will be speeding through the streets of the Las Vegas strip November 21-23, 2024. This will be an unforgettable event that will have the eyes of the world on the neon lit streets of Vegas. The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s 3.8-mile track will weave past world-famous landmarks, casinos and hotels as drivers hit speeds of up to 212 mph.

F1 2024 Vegas pedicab advertising is a prime opportunity to impress and make a marketing impact. A branded Vegas Grand Prix pedicab advertising activation will get people to and from the event in style, with your marketing emblazoned on our pedicabs. Or, you could use our pedicabs at the F1 Vegas Grand Prix as a private chauffeur service for your group or business during the event week. Whatever you need, Las Vegas Rickshaw has your back!